Reserving Picnic Tables for Parties at the Beach:

If you plan to host an event at the beach (birthday party, luncheon, or other organized event), we require a reservation to ensure adequate space remains for members.

Please note the following:

  • Party reservations may include up to 25 guests (excluding paid members). Larger parties are not permitted at this time.
  • Up to 2 picnic tables may be reserved per event
  • We only allow one reservation at a time to avoid overcrowding
  • Party guests (excluding any paid PLEBA members) must park in the street. This ensures that paid members have priority access to our small parking lot.
  • Make sure your guests know there are no lifeguards on duty; all swimming is at-your-own-risk. We encourage the use of life-jackets or puddle-jumpers for younger swimmers! Please ensure parents supervise children carefully!
  • Please review & share the Beach Rules with your guests
  • Please do not invite a large group of guests unless you have a table reservation.
    • Small numbers of guests are always permitted and do not require a reservation. Unreserved tables are first-come, first served, and we ask that you do not block off tables for a long period of time unless you have a formal reservation.

  • To request a table reservation, please email and provide the following info:
    1. Date and time requested (include possible alternates if flexible)
    2. Host name (*must be member in good standing)
    3. Host address
    4. # of tables requested (1 or 2)
    5. # of guests expected
    6. Please confirm you will alert guests to park in the street for the event

Please note that our Beach Manager only replies to emails while on duty, so there may be a few days delay in getting back to you. Reservations will be processed in the order received.