One is considered to be a member in good standing if the mandatory fees are paid annually.

Beach Hours

The beach will be open each day from 8:00 a.m. until dusk. Please be sure all vehicles, bikes, and boats are removed before dusk, when the gate will be locked.


For additional information, see the Staff page under the PLEBA menu.

  • Our staff is focused on keeping the grounds clean, checking in members, and providing general supervision & oversight.
  • SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK – we do not employ lifeguards at our beach
  • Staff members will help enforce all rules posted on this page.


Members who have paid their dues are permitted to bring guests, provided those guests are not residents of Pine Lake Estates who have not yet paid their annual dues. Family members who are under 18 years of age, when not accompanied by a parent, are allowed to bring a maximum of four (4) guests. A member must be present when their guests enter and then stay at our recreation park and beach facility at all times with their guests, including boaters.

Parties and Table Reservations

Small numbers of guests are permitted at any time and do not require a table reservation. 

If you are planning an event (birthday party, luncheon, or other larger group visit) we require a reservation to ensure adequate space remains for members.  In order to prevent overcrowding, reservations will be limited to 2 tables per event and 25 guests (not counting paid members). Party guests will be asked to park in the street to ensure the members have priority access to our small parking lot. 

For more information on how to book a party/table reservation, click here.

Unreserved tables are on a first-come, first-served basis. We ask that you do not block off tables for a long period of time unless you have a formal reservation.

Children under 12 years of Age

All children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or another designated adult/individual who will assume full responsibility for them. Please remember that staff responsibility does not extend to babysitting.

Motor Vehicles

Motorcycles and scooters/mopeds are not allowed in the recreation park and beach facility. All motor vehicles must be parked in the designated area. Please use only one space so that there is room for your neighbor. Also, do not block the driveways of the boat launch
area. Please remember to watch for children in the parking lot.


Bicycles must be placed in the bicycle rack provided, and not near the gate or the vehicle parking area.


Picnicking is permitted in the designated areas at the top of the hill, and at the base of the hill near the dock. With the exception of beach association annual picnics\events, food is NOT ALLOWED at the lower beach area east of the staircase.

Trash and Port-a-John

Containers have been provided for litter. Please use them, and help keep our recreational area clean. Also, please keep the Port-a-John clean for the next person.

Animals, Fires, Alcohol, Glass Containers, and Smoking

For the safety and convenience of all, the aforementioned are NOT ALLOWED in the recreational park and beach facility. If you do not comply, you will be asked to leave.


Certain lots in our subdivision have been deeded boat rights. These rights were established and permitted by West Bloomfield Township when our subdivision was originally set up.

Residents of these lots who wish to launch a boat must be dues-paying members of PLEBA and must pay an annual boating privilege fee. Paid boaters will then receive access to the boat launch. No more than one boat per “lot” is permitted in the lake at any given time. Boats must be removed from the recreational area on the day of use.

Canoes and Kayaks

All members are permitted to bring canoes and kayaks to the beach, but they are not allowed to remain overnight unless they are properly stored. Properly stored means that the canoe or kayak must fit on the racks provided and must be locked up.


Swimming is restricted to the roped area designated. Children must be able to swim without the use of any flotation devices before they are allowed to go out to the rafts. Younger children may swim to the rafts ONLY if they are with a parent/guardian AND wearing a US Coast-Guard Certified Flotation Device (i.e. life jacket or USCG-approved puddle jumper).

No floating toys, plastic rafts, pool noodles, etc. are allowed in the deep swimming area (i.e. past the first rope).

No paddleboards or kayaks are allowed inside any of the roped swimming area.



In order to help keep our beach clean, please do not feed the wildlife. It is also best to maintain a safe distance from all wildlife while also exhibiting respect towards them (i.e., do not throw things at them or tease them).

Suspension Policy

To keep our beach beautiful and safe, we have set up a violation policy for those refusing to follow beach rules and regulations.

1st Offense: Verbal warning from lifeguard, security guard and/or PLEBA Board Members.

2nd Offense: Letter mailed stating problem and rules.

3rd Offense: Certified letter informing of final warning of violation.

4th Offense: Dismissal as a Pine Lake Beach Member by the majority vote of Board of Directors. Remaining money will be prorated. Resident cannot rejoin until the following year