In October 2020, we sent out an e-mail survey to gather member input on a few key beach topics. Click on the links below to view survey responses – both in total, and also just for those who said they use the beach regularly.

Key takeaways from the survey:

  1. The overwhelming majority of respondents felt that it was extremely important to keep the beach clean. So we will ensure this is #1 priority for staff.
  2. Following cleanliness, respondents also ranked the gate guard highly, and also “general safety oversight.” So we will make these a secondary priority for staff.
  3. Lifeguarding did not rank very highly in terms of importance. Few respondents felt that lifeguards are crucial for their family’s safety.
  4. WiFi was not considered very important and therefore we do not plan to pay for this going forward.

Based on the survey, and also the fact that our insurance company prefers that swimming be at-your-own-risk, we do not plan to hire lifeguards going forward. Instead, we will have staff focus on (1) beach cleanliness, (2) gate check-in, and (3) general safety/rule oversight.

We *ALWAYS* need help in the area of staff management. If you have any time to volunteer towards the management of our staff (hiring them, checking in on their work, etc.), please let us know at